A dark purple journal with a heart on the front and an elastic around it.


Houston is a remarkable, Michael Buble–loving boy who touches all those who meet him.

Lines from a heart rate monitor on top of a red heart.

Eric O’Brien’s Story

Eric tells his own story, including his many surgeries, his fishing trip to Critter Cove, and his appreciation for the support and understanding he receives from his peers in the Hearts of Gold teen group.

Two heart-shaped red beads standing side by side.

Kristi Coldwell

When you’re waiting for a new heart, hope is what keeps you going. Kristi shares how it felt to wait for a heart transplant.

Jack holding up a medal he's wearing around his neck.

Jack’s Story

Not long after he was born, it became clear that Jack had a “complicated heart,” and he would, in fact, need a transplant as quickly as possible.

Hunter and his sister Maddie presenting a cheque to Sam.

Heart Heroes Supporting CHN

Hunter’s 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast, Birthday Gift Donations, Lemonade Stand, Recycling with Heart, Pub Night Fundraiser, Jewellery Sales, Half Marathon and 5 km Run.