Organize a fundraiser to support CHN and spread awareness about congenital heart disease.

Fundraisers planned by volunteers are an important source of funds that help us continue our programs for children and families. They also help raise awareness about congenital heart disease and build support and community. If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser, or if you have any questions, please contact Samantha Aitken.

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Volunteer fundraisers can be as simple as a birthday wish or a bake sale. Here are some simple fundraising ideas:

  • Host a party. Gather your friends and family together to celebrate a special occasion like a holiday, your birthday, or even the anniversary of a child’s surgery. Instead of gifts, ask your guests to bring a donation for CHN. Many children prefer to have their birthday guests make a donation in lieu of receiving gifts. This is a great way to celebrate your special day while promoting and supporting the work of CHN.
  • Hold a bake sale. Coordinate a bake sale at your school, workplace, or community centre to raise money for Children’s Heart Network. Promote that buying your treats will benefit children supported by CHN. Deck out your tables in the colors of red and white and decorate your treats with hearts to celebrate CHN!
  • Make a lemonade stand. When the weather is hot, a lemonade stand is a fun way for kids to raise some money.
  • Organize a recycling program at your workplace and donate funds raised to CHN.
  • Ask a restaurant or bakery in your community to donate proceeds from a particular menu item for a month.
  • Organize a dance-a-thon (or yoga-a-thon or Zumba-a-thon—a “thon” of any sort!) at your child’s school or local community centre. Charge a small fee and ask participants to collect pledges for Children’s Heart Network in support of their efforts.
  • Look into holding an office-wide dress down day to benefit the Children’s Heart Network.
  • Organize a garage sale or community yard sale and donate the profits to the Children’s Heart Network.
  • Organize a car wash.
  • Ask the manager at your favourite restaurant or pub if they would be willing to co-host a fundraising event or pub night in support of Children’s Heart Network (e.g., 10% of proceeds from a specific night).
  • Host a bingo night or a basketball or tennis tournament. It’s a great way to build community, have fun, and raise some money.