Below is a factsheet that you can download, print, and complete for your child’s teachers. Please follow these guidelines when filling in your child’s school factsheet.

  • Include a photo of your child.
  • Fill in your child’s name in the relevant spaces.
  • Signs to be aware of: This is to highlight the general signs teachers and schools should be looking out for with any child who has congenital heart disease. You know your child best—let the teacher know which of these are common with your child and what is not normal.
  • This specific section is for you to fill in based on your individual child. Your child’s consultant cardiologist will be happy to help you with this. A good idea is to bring the factsheet to your next appointment so you can write down all the relevant information.
  • Every child with congenital heart disease has different care requirements. Even children with the same heart condition will require individual information. Examples as below for the sections:
    • Medications and side effects: e.g., Warfarin can cause bruising.
    • Exercise: Ask your child’s doctor what exercise your child can do.
    • Other notes: Upcoming surgery / equipment needed / feeding issues and anything else that may be relevant for your child.
  • Include the best way to contact you in an emergency.
  • It is important to update the factsheet as your child’s condition or requirements change. Your child’s teacher and school need to know the nature of your child’s heart condition and any implications it will have in school.
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