Vaccines are one the most successful achievements in medical history in preventing infectious diseases and saving lives.

Children’s Heart Network board member and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Shreya Moodley says, “The cardiologists at BC Children’s Hospital strongly encourage all those eligible to be vaccinated. We care for some of the most vulnerable children in the province and feel strongly that every effort possible should be made to protect them, especially when it comes to vaccine-preventable illnesses. This is an important responsibility that we all share.”

There has been unfortunate misinformation about vaccine safety that has resulted in the re-emergence of life-threatening disease. Such trends place our vulnerable populations at great risk. There are many people in our community who are unable to be fully vaccinated because they are too young (babies) or have medical reasons that prevent them from receiving vaccinations. Vaccines protect not only the person being vaccinated, but these vulnerable populations too.

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BC Children’s Hospital also has a drop-in family immunization clinic that can be used by patients, their siblings, extended family members, and caregivers. You can either make an appointment or drop by whenever you are in the hospital. This “whole family” approach focuses on protecting not only kids, but also everyone around them. The clinic also provides immunization counselling to kids with complex conditions.

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