The cover of When Your World Stops and author Jennifer Siran

Thursday, April 7, 7:00–7:45 pm

Presented by Jennifer Siran, author of When Your World Stops: Finding Hope in Your Child’s Medical Journey


There is an incredible amount of medical information and support available for heart families in Canada, but what if it’s “Day 1” for you and the weight of the diagnosis is pushing breath from your lungs, never mind reading a medical handout describing the unique aspects of your child’s heart? What if there was a resource that was spoken from the battered heart of a parent, that has hope to share, and perhaps a spark of light to brighten the harshness of this moment? Just one parent, talking to another parent who understands your world better than most. In her book When Your World Stops: Finding Hope in Your Child’s Medical Journey, author Jennifer Siran highlights important aspects of navigating this new world, wrapped up in short chapters with honest stories. We will look into the unique resource that this book provides families in hospitals and unpacking medical life when back at home. We will also take time to discuss some ways we can heal through stories, and why owning our stories is so important.


Jennifer Siran lives in Manitoba, Canada, with her husband and three children. For over a decade, she worked with marginalized youth in Winnipeg’s Inner City, learning the power of story when overcoming hardship. Writing has been a tool that she has used to process many complex emotions and all that life brings. After spending the last 10 years raising an amazing heart hero and navigating some major setbacks, she took time during COVID to write her book—a project to support fellow heart families in a unique way. Their family continues to navigate their son’s chronic illness in the midst of all the amazing things that childhood contains.

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