Dear friends of the Children’s Heart Network,

Prior to COVID, and in collaboration with BC artist Sid Dickens, a group of our heart warriors had a fabulous time painting ceramic hearts. Sid then mounted these precious works of art on to his uniquely designed and autographed memory blocks just for CHN.

We hereby invite you to bid on these beautiful collector items starting Saturday, October 24, at 9:00 am. There are staggered end times on Sunday, October 25, at 8:30, 8:45, and 9:00 pm, depending on the tile.

Items can be picked up in Vancouver (Kerrisdale) or Richmond (Steveston), or shipped within Canada and the US for an additional cost of $25 per tile.

Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

Here is the link:

Once you log into the auction page, please read the instructions for “How to Bid,” the “Bidding Rules,” and the “Disclaimer,” all found at the top right under “How Bidding Works.”

We encourage you to forward the auction link to anyone you think might be interested in taking part in the auction and supporting the Children’s Heart Network.

Staggered End Times and Anti-Sniping

We have upgraded our system, and also staggered the end times, in order to prevent any problems when you are all bidding towards the end. Please note we have also added anti-sniping per your request after the auction in April. This means bidding is extended by three minutes if a bid is received within three minutes of the item’s end time, and will continue to be extended until the bidding ends.

SMS Text Notifications

We have also added the option to sign up for SMS text notifications so that you can receive instant notices on your mobile device when you’re outbid, etc., as this can be faster than receiving email notifications. We recommend that neither be relied upon and suggest that you check back near the auction’s closing time to avoid being outbid.

You must opt in to receive SMS notifications. To do this, visit “My Addresses” under “My Account.” Open “Billing Address” to add your billing address and phone number. Detailed instructions, including a how-to video, can be found under “Bidding Rules” > “SMS Text Notifications.”

Bidding Increments

Increments are set at $10. Our auction does not include proxy bidding.

Other Notes

  • The side photo added to each item is the same photo for all items. The picture posted of the front is of course of the actual item you are buying.
  • At the top of the home page, please see our “Send a Kid to Camp!” donation button (similar to what we have at the gala). This can be used even if you don’t win any prizes or would just like to make a donation directly to our camps. We will send you a tax receipt for the full amount. We are currently doing online “camp evenings” with our families and Hearts of Gold teenagers that include many fun activities. We send care packages out to the youth in advance, as many in this group of our members are kept very isolated from their friends during this difficult time of COVID-19.

Thank you so much for your support! Happy bidding, and good luck!

Sid Dickens grew up in the remote surroundings of Prince Rupert. He became a fisherman and then attended Emily Carr College of Art. After college he returned to Prince Rupert as a fisherman and flipped burgers for BC Ferries while saving for a trip to Europe. “Six months of backpacking in Europe turned out to be the key that unlocked a door I had never even known existed. Suddenly I found myself working with ancient imagery and felt a connection to it all.” Sid enrolled in an art school in Mexico for two years and then returned to Vancouver to open a small east-end studio. He made a number of panels and screens with classical figures and floral images. When a Hong Kong designer visited his studio, he was drawn to a random grouping of small pieces and ordered 400 of them. This was the start of his memory block success, which has brought recognition all over the world. These heart blocks look gorgeous in a stand or mounted on the wall in different patterns. Choose one or collect a few for your home or as priceless gifts.