With the holiday season rushing in, we’re all set to ignite some creative sparks in the young minds for our Kards 4 Kids holiday card extravaganza! 🎨✨

In the past, the dazzling artistry of kids from your agencies have graced our Kards 4 Kids, and this year, we’re counting on them to bring the holiday spirit to life once again, but with even more color and zest! 🌟🖍️

As the winter season approaches, we’re not just focusing on one holiday; we’re embracing the enchantment of them all, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Saint Lucia’s Day, the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Winter Solstice to name just a few! 🌲🕎🕯️

So, here’s the scoop: we want your young artists to unleash their imagination and start coloring away. The most dazzling drawings will find their way onto our holiday cards this season. 🌠💌 And guess what? The top three winners will each receive a pack of 10 cards with their designs! 🏆✉️

With a smorgasbord of holidays to choose from, we’re expecting a kaleidoscope of creativity! 🌈✨

Simply send us a high resolution Photo or JPEG of the artwork to vancouver@kidsupfront.com, and mark your calendars because the contest wraps up on October 27th! 🗓️


Wishing all the aspiring artists the best of luck and loads of fun while adding a splash of color to the season. We’re eagerly awaiting these masterpieces! 🎉🖌️