A group of campers sitting around a campfire

We hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, we are considering hosting a family camp on the weekend of September 24–26 (two nights) at Camp Stillwood, which is near Cultus Lake. The facilities would be such that each family would have their own cabin; however, meals would be together in the dining hall. We would try to host mostly outside activities, such as archery, the ropes course, rock climbing, games, and campfires.

We would like to make it a requirement that all adults have had two vaccinations and that most children over the age of 12 have also been vaccinated if possible.

The purpose of this note is to find out how many families are comfortable with such a camp. Please email Sam at saitken@childrensheartnetwork.org to let us know if your family is keen and how many family members you have.

Thank you, and enjoy the summer!