We cordially invite you to our online auction. Please peruse an incredible array of items originally collected for our annual Wine Gala by visiting chnevents.org. We need your support more than ever!

Dear friends of CHN,

We would like to invite you to take part in the first phase of our online auction. We had collected many fabulous donations prior to having to cancel the Wine Gala and will divide them into two auctions. The first takes place April 22–26, starting at 10 am. This auction contains only gift certificates/gift cards that will be mailed out to you. Visa and MasterCard will be accepted.

Here is the link: chnevents.org

Once you log into the auction page, please read the instructions for “How to Bid,” the “Bidding Rules,” and the “Disclaimer,” all found at the top right under “How Bidding Works.”

Increments are set accordingly during bidding:

  • For items valued between $0.00 and $100.00, the minimum bid increment is $10
  • For items valued between $101.00 and $500.00, the minimum bid increment is $20
  • For items valued between $501.00 and above, the minimum bid increment is $30

(Our auction does not include proxy bidding.)

Please note:

  • There is a “Category List” on the right side for your convenience.
  • Photos may not represent the whole auction item, as some prizes contain a combination of donations. Open up the item to see more photos and to read the short description. A longer description is found farther down on the page and includes more details such as blackouts and expiry dates. Some businesses are currently closed due to COVID-19.

We encourage you to forward the auction link to anyone you think might be interested in taking part in the auction and supporting the Children’s Heart Network.

At the top of the home page, please see our “Send a Kid to Camp!” donation button (similar to what we have at the gala, just missing the famous Fred Lee). This can be used even if you don’t win any prizes or would just like to make a donation directly to our camps. Both children and family camps have been moved to the fall, and are still happening.

The second phase of our auction will also take place sometime in the fall and will include jewellery, art, lots of wellness and spa items, clothing, photography sessions, and much more.

Happy bidding, and good luck!