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Members are invited to join us for CHN’s annual general meeting. The meeting will include a short review and summary of the CHN’s activities and programs over the past fiscal year, appointment and renewal of board member terms, and a review of the approved financial statements ending September 30, 2022.

When: Thursday, February 23, 7:00–8:00 pm

Where: BC Children’s Hospital, Shaughnessy Building, Room D210 (use Entrance 53 in the new hospital)


Directions to Room D210 from Entrance 53 (in the new hospital):

  • Walk straight ahead into the BC Children’s Hospital lobby.
  • When you reach the gift shop, turn left and go all the way down to the crossroads.
  • Keep left and go down the hallway until you reach the four elevators in the Shaughnessy Building.
  • Take the elevator to the second floor and turn right when you come out of the elevator (look for a sign with an arrow).
  • Continue down the hallway until you see Room D210 on the right.

Please RSVP to Sam at