A heart cutout and a note that says "Welcome Back!"

CHN’s restart plan to bring our BC heart families back together will start in the fall. We have missed you all and know how important our social connections and fun activities are to our community. We hope that by the fall all those that can be vaccinated have had their two doses and we can begin to host in-person events again. We know that our community is more vulnerable than most and recognize that moving forward will be different for everyone. Some of us will be ready to reconnect in person and some will need more time. We will continue our virtual Heart Mamas & Papas Virtual Coffee Nights by Zoom but may also host some in-person evenings for those that are ready. Our Hearts of Gold youth group has had real growth over the past year and a half, as many teens that live outside the Lower Mainland and Victoria have been able to join in on the fun events via Zoom. The Island group has doubled in size!

We recognize how positive these new friendships and connections are to our youth, so we will continue to host both virtual and in-person events, perhaps rotating from month to month.

We would love to hear your suggestions. How can we best support your family as we slowly start to move forward during these COVID times? Please feel free to email Sam at saitken@childrensheartnetwork.org with your ideas.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy summer! ♥

“CHN’s COVID Restart Plan” is from our summer 2021 newsletter, Heart Matters. See our Newsletters page for more stories and to subscribe.