If you have school aged children, you are invited to complete this survey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a deep impact on the psycho-social well-being of Canada’s children and youth. Disruptions to daily routines, daycare, and school have been difficult for many families, to say the least. While we all want a timely return to pre-COVID routines, there are recognized and unknown risks to each stage of reopening our communities—including schools.

The reopening of schools is agreed upon by many to be an important next step for our economic recovery and for the well-being of children and youth. This being said, every family is unique, and each child has their own needs and abilities when it comes to education.

The Children’s Healthcare Canada Family Network is conducting a national survey of families with school aged children to:

  • learn about family experience with remote learning during the pandemic
  • gauge the comfort level of return to physical classrooms
  • prioritize concerns
  • gather solutions that will help ease the transition back to in-person learning

We want to hear from as many families as possible to capture the broad array of needs from Canada’s children and youth. Your children may require special supports at school, from an IEP to intense medical support, or they may be independent. Either way, their safe return to school is important to everyone.

Children’s Healthcare Canada Family Network will share the results of the survey with our members, government partners, and other stakeholders via our newsletter, website, and social media and use the results to inform our advocacy, communication, and educational initiatives.

Please visit bit.ly/FamSchoolSurvey to complete the survey by July 27, 2020. You will be prompted to reply for up to four children in your family if you choose.

Thank you for participating!